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UTM-1 Edge N appliances include the industry’s most proven security solution to secure your business.

UTM-1 Edge N appliances include the industry’s most proven security solution to secure your business.
Best-in-class Integrated Firewall and IPS
UTM-1 Edge N appliances include the industry’s most proven firewall technology, based on the same Check Point technologies that secure the Fortune 100. Comprehensive network access control allows blocking of unwanted applications such as IM and P2P, while an advanced Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) ensures protection of remote sites from both known and unknown threats, such as Denial-of-Service, port scans and buffer overflows.
Secure Connectivity
IPSec VPN connectivity secures communications between site-to-site and remote locations. Support for multiple VPN clients – such as Check Point Endpoint Security VPN, SecureClient, SecuRemote and L2TP – offers flexibility for users.
Anti-malware and Messaging Security
Malware protection is integrated at the gateway, blocking worms and viruses before they enter the network. On-the-fly decompression of unlimited file sizes enables thorough scanning. Check Point Messaging Security blocks spam and provides comprehensive protection for an organizations’ messaging infrastructure.
Web Filtering
Best-of-breed URL filtering services allow companies to define Web access policies. Access to potentially malicious Web sites containing spyware and viruses, as well as inappropriate Web content can be blocked.
Network Access Control (NAC)
802.1X port-based authentication allows NAC based on user privileges and policy compliance at branch offices. Built-in support for the extended authentication protocol (EAP) enables WPA Enterprise and 802.1X access control without an external RADIUS server. This makes NAC easier to use, even in small networks.
Includes integrated ADSL modem, secure hot spot support, high availability, QoS and advanced wireless feature-set

Includes integrated ADSL modem, secure hot spot support, high availability, QoS and advanced wireless feature-set
Integrated ADSL Modem
UTM appliances are available with integrated, high-speed ADSL modems, eliminating need for external modems and providing deployment simplicity. The latest standards, including ADSL v2/2+, Annex A and Annex B are supported.
Secure Hot Spot Support
Administrators can easily enable guest access to networks by creating Web-based secure hot spots. User authentication and/or terms-of-use can be required before granting access to corporate resources.

High Availability
High-availability options ensure that security functions keep pace with business-critical applications and other network activity. UTM-1 Edge N appliances support WAN redundancy and load-balancing to ensure persistent connectivity and service availability. Should the broadband connection become unavailable, dialup support can provide a backup Internet connection.
Quality–of–Service (QoS)
Comprehensive traffic management parameters – such as weighted priorities, bandwidth guarantees and bandwidth limits – can guarantee QoS for business-critical or latency-sensitive traffic over a single Internet connection. Wireless Multimedia QoS allows companies to prioritize traffic from multiple audio, video and voice applications.
UTM-1 Edge N appliances are easy to configure, deploy and centrally managed.

UTM-1 Edge N appliances are easy to configure, deploy and centrally managed.
Centralized, Large Scale Management
Administrators can define security policy for the entire network – including internal security, main sites, and remote sites – from a single, centrally located Check Point Security Management or Multi-Domain Security Management console. With the addition of SmartProvisioning™, a profile-based management add-on designed for large-scale VPN and security installations, administrators can define a single security profile and apply it simultaneously to thousands of UTM-1 Edge N appliances – dramatically reducing deployment time and administrative overhead.
Quick and Easy Setup
UTM-1 Edge N appliances can be set up in less than 10 minutes, offering truly simple deployment to sites that have minimal IT resources. Even non-technical staff can easily perform initial setup and configuration
Centralized, Automatic Updates
Optional Check Point Update Service provide updates for IPS protections, antivirus signatures, anti-spam database and Web filtering services. Updates can be downloaded automatically and distributed to remote locations at preset intervals. Configuration and ‘best practices’ security policies are also included.

Comprehensive UTM security for branch offices and industrial environments

Integrates enterprise-class Firewall, IPS,VPN, NAC, URL Filtering, Anti-malware and Messaging Security
Comprehensive, all-in-one security appliances for SMB/MSSP segments-starting at just $695
Industrial-grade appliance secures business-critical networks in harsh environments

Easy Deployment and Management

Manage thousands of remote appliances from a single, central console
Automatic software updates, monitoring and reporting-all built-in

Advanced Connectivity

Seamless 802.11n WiFi and 3G wireless connectivity
Support for ADSL annexe A or B

High availability and performance

Gigabit Firewall performance and multi-Gigabit port-density for increased bandwidth demands
High availability and load balancing for persistent connectivity and service availability


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